“TITANIC SUNK: NO LIVES LOST” – The Original Fake News & The Morgue Ship Tasked with Recovering Bodies

The day after the Titanic sank, newspapers around the world reported that all the passengers aboard had been saved. The World declared, "Titanic Sinking; No Lives Lost." The Evening Sun proclaimed, "All Saved from Titanic After Collison." The Vancouver Daily Province reported, "The Titanic Sinking, But Probably No Lives Lost."

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The Lost Art of Sin-Eating

This strange tradition likely derived from an earlier practice of "sin-eating," whereby the sins of the deceased were transferred to a person who, for a small fee, consumed food and drink handed to him over the coffin. Mourners would pay the village sin-eater to rid their departed loved ones from all the sins they had accumulated during their lives, thus allowing the dead to enter Heaven unburdened.

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