As a little girl, I used to drag my grandmother from cemetery to cemetery so that I could hunt ghosts. Some might say I was obsessed with death from an early age, but I’d like to think I was simply fascinated with the past, and with the people who lived there. Thus began a lifelong obsession with history.

I received a doctorate in the history of science, medicine and technology from the University of Oxford. In 2010, I was granted a postdoctoral research fellowship by the Wellcome Trust. I am the author and creator of the popular website The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice, which has received over 2 million hits. I am also the writer and presenter of the YouTube series Under The Knife, which takes a humorous look at our medical past.

I’ve written for The Guardian, The Lancet, New Scientist, Penthouse, The Huffington Post and Medium. I have appeared on PBS, Channel 4, BBC, and National Geographic. My debut book The Butchering Art follows the surgeon Joseph Lister on his quest to transform the brutal and bloody world of Victorian surgery. It will be published worldwide on October 17th.